Installation – Dual 200HP Sullivan-Palatek Compressors with 4″ Piping

Posted by ICS on Mar 29th 2018

Check out the video below by Industrial Compressor Solutions! This clip demonstrates a recent compressor installation for a customer in North Carolina.

Attention to Detail

Dual 200HP variable speed drive compressors were installed for this project. Two compressors provide 100% redundancy. 115mm piping was utilized and Victaulic fittings were used at all junctions. The benefit to utilizing Victaulic fittings is that, should the need arise, additional fittings can easily be obtained at any local mechanical supply store.

ICS strives for perfection. As noted in the video, all control valves when in the open position point in the direction of air flow. Even the bolts are all pointing in the same direction! The specific equipment for this project is detailed below.

Equipment Used

Dual 200HP Sullivan-Palatek Variable Speed Drive Compressors
Supplied by Gregory Poole Caterpillar

SPX Deltech Refrigerated Dryer
Supplied by Gregory Poole Caterpillar

Infinity (Elevation) 115mm Extruded Aluminum Piping
Supplied by Applied System Technologies in Huntersville, North Carolina

Standard Victaulic Fittings

Customer’s Existing Desiccant Dryer and Flow Controller

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