5 Ways You're Losing Money by Delaying Air Compressor Maintenance

Posted by ICS on Mar 29th 2018

A broken compressor is very rarely an isolated issue in a facility. No matter the specific industry or application, the success — or failure — of compressed air solutions significantly affects a company’s bottom line. Predictive and preventive maintenance for your compressor system is more than just a standard industry recommendation: It’s essential to smooth operations company-wide.

A compressor failure often triggers a domino effect, disrupting systems throughout a facility and resulting in added expenditures, downtime, and general stress. In particular, a broken compressor will actively delay or disturb operations in utilities, maintenance, postage and freight, rentals, and overall operations, as outlined below.

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Utilities and Operating Costs

Filter evaluation, regular cleaning, and as-needed replacement are critical for proper compressor maintenance. With regular use, these filters become dirty over time, and can ultimately result in clogs and restricted airflow. By impeding airflow, a worn or blocked filter can directly impact basic utility costs and decrease machine efficiency, as additional energy must be applied to overcome the differential pressure increase.


Basic problems in a compressor system can cause hours of additional — and unnecessary — maintenance work. For instance, if a screw compressor or rotary vane experiences a continuous increase in oil carryover, the compressed air equipment (and eventually the rest of the system) may overheat, clog, or suffer from contamination issues.

As this carryover goes on, downstream processes are further disrupted and more maintenance will be required.

Postage, Freight, and Supply Chain

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 9.24.49 AM.pngDisruptions in operating systems and supply chains are both frustrating and expensive. To avoid losing business and angering customers with prolonged shutdowns and service delays, a manager will often be forced to negotiate specialized parts deliveries. The additional costs and stressors of expedited or overnighted replacement part delivery are difficult both for operations and personnel.

Additional Rentals

A sudden, unexpected compressor failure can put a whole system down — which in many cases simply isn’t an option. Rentals are a fast and effective solution to get the facility back online, but the costs involved can be astronomical.

Overall Operational Efficiency

Inadequate compressor maintenance causes more than just disruptions in routine operation timing. By turning to emergency maintenance procedures, managers sacrifice smooth, efficient workflow while incurring additional costs across the board.

Air Compressor Maintenance From Industrial Compressor Solutions

At Industrial Compressor Solutions, we fully understand the critical role of compressed air systems, and our team has developed deep expertise in all areas of air compressor repair and maintenance. We offer both predictive and preventative maintenance programs, and can provide 24-hour remote air system monitoring programs, as well as regular inspection and maintenance services 

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