Air System Piping Services

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At Industrial Compressor Solutions (ICS), we take pride in offering the highest-quality compressed air systems, both new and used. We’ve been serving clients in a range of industries across the country, offering expert consulting, installation, and engineering services. Working with clients start to finish, our team creates comprehensive takeoffs and supplies all necessary parts.
To help our customers overcome the complex issues that can arise with air system piping, ICS offers a range of piping services from consultation to supply and installation.

Overview of Air Piping Services


Our team reviews your entire facility to uncover the most ideal air system solution that meets your needs. We’re experts in compressed air, and we’re going to notice a problem in the design that will effect the long term utilization, rather than just the best practices for piping.


Over the years, ICS has developed strong partnerships with many manufacturers in the compressed air space. By utilizing these partnerships, ICS can source and supply all of the piping and parts required for the installation of your air system, regardless of manufacturer.


After sourcing all of the required piping and related materials, ICS experts can install the system nationwide.

Additional Services

  • Offering 20% Discounts on aluminum piping to resellers
  • Offering subcontractor service

ICS’ Compressed Air Piping Services

As compressed air experts, we can easily identify design issues that may impact long-term efficiency; unlike mechanical contractors, we have the specialized expertise to recognize and remedy problems before they cause system delays. In fact, we often work with general and mechanical contractors on large jobs in order to provide clients with specialized solutions. 

To learn more about key considerations to keep in mind when designing or installing pipework for your compressed air system, or to discuss your specific needs with an expert, reach out to the team today.