All Work and no Play?

Posted by ICS on Mar 29th 2018

We work hard.  In today’s day and age, it is a must.  In the same breathe that we discuss work, we should also discuss teamwork!  Today, we experienced a team building exercise like none that we have seen before!


About a week ago, while sitting with the other parents at my daughter’s dance class, I started up a conversation with the young mother sitting next to me.  Somehow, the subject of “Jelly Belly” brand jelly beans came up, and specifically a game called “Beanboozled“.  The game is simple.  For every color of jelly bean, there are two possible flavors.  One is nice, and one is not so nice.  There is no way to tell unless you eat it!  For example, one of the colors is either “dead fish” or “strawberry banana smoothie”!  WHAT A CRAZY IDEA!  Needless to say, I went home and I ordered a case immediately!

Today, when the case arrived, we decided to play a little game!  We would all go through each color of jelly bean, eating one each, and recording the reactions as they happened!  My two favorite parts of the video is when Brian Kaufman put his hand in front of his face (paparazzi?!) and when Gina Floyd ate a whole handful for $100 on the spot.  So what if afterwards, lunch tasted like regret and self-loathing!  We have an unbeatable team, and we can get through any challenge together!

Check out the videos here: