The A-Team

Posted by ICS on Mar 29th 2018

I love it when a plan comes together… Industrial Compressor Solutions strives to answer every call with utmost dedication. Our technicians are never on-call. If a problem arises, our customers call in and speak to us directly. We immediately get everyone and anyone involved right away and it is all hands on deck until the job is finished. This system is foreign to the air compressor industry, but we feel that it is directly in line with our mission to provide immediate solutions to our valuable customers.

Sometimes this system proves to be a lifesaver, or more specifically: a production-saver.

One such incident recently occurred with a very important customer in the aluminum and brass forging business. The customer’s Ingersoll Rand SSR-EP100 went down on a Friday night when they gave us a call. A Friday night is usually the worst possible time to get ahold of anyone in our service industry. But here at ICS, we make it our business to be different. The customer already sounded defeated on the other end of the line, using terms like, “I know it’s Friday… IF there is any way…” To which our company replied, “No problem.”

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We called around right away and got all necessary staff involved. One of our technicians was with another customer, one had family in town from abroad, and the owner was in Michigan. Again, it was Friday night and the odds of this horrible scenario were stacked up against us.

Despite having family in town, the technician closest to the customer went in on his day off to quickly assess the problem. He determined that they were low on oil and had an impacted cooler. Tech One: Done.

With this knowledge, the next ICS team member, who was already out of the office, quickly came in from home and picked up the parts necessary. He then drove them to our other technician who was out servicing another customer. Tech Two: Done.


The technician who was on the clock finished up the service ticket he was working on with our other customer. With parts in hand, as well as a clear idea of the urgent problem he would need to resolve, the final technician was on his way to repair the compressor. We did not have to waste the valuable time of our downed customer for a single on-call serviceman to make a trip just to diagnose the problem, and then even more valuable time obtaining the parts necessary before he could get started. Industrial Compressor Solutions was able to show up on site with the proper supplies and a streamlined mission. Tech Three: Home Run.

When it was all back up and running smoothly, our customer had this to say:

I have used Industrial Compressor Solutions extensively in the past and have been extremely pleased with their service, the competency of their technicians, and their responsiveness. They are my vendor of choice. This was an emergency call and they resolved it quicker than I anticipated. ICS had given me good expectations up to that point and then they exceeded them even more. -Ken Myers

At ICS, there is no shortage of stories like these to tell of the remarkable guys we have working for us. We are a well-oiled machine (pun intended)!

Owner Josh Wamser summed it up with, “It is pretty incredible to see what these guys do on a regular basis. The team is brilliant and committed to the greater good.”