Poor Sales Advice and How to Avoid It

Posted by ICS on Mar 29th 2018

Image: Atlas Copco


When investing in an expensive piece of equipment such as an air compressor, it is incredibly important to do some research first. Compressor salesmen are well trained to persuade your decision and often want you to buy a certain product they are featuring. Unfortunately, it might not be the right fit for your needs in the end.

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The best way to guard your investment, and your company, from these devastating mistakes is to seek the advice of an expert consultant such as Industrial Compressor Solutions. We can help walk you through the informed buying process or provide you with a very sound second opinion.

What happens when these vital processes are skipped over? It can lead to a disaster. Unfortunately, we have seen these types of scenarios play out far too many times. The following is just one example of a sale gone terribly wrong.

Great deal! Or so it seemed…

image-of-air-compressor-consulting-technician-870x580.jpgFrom the start, the distributor never came on site to evaluate the needs of the customer. This customer had an office in our area and an office in another state. It was assumed that the system in place in their out-of-state office should be duplicated in their local office. A common big mistake. Different states have different weather complications and regional factors which must be considered. There was no site visit, no air study, no analysis of existing equipment, no account of the customer’s likes or dislikes, not even an answer as to WHY this customer needed a new air compressor in the first place.

The post-sale communication followed the same fateful pattern. The customer planned on installing the compressor themselves and after reaching out for assistance was provided with a single-page diagram to install the $70k piece of equipment. Pre-installation advice, code requirements, and recommendations were never offered or provided.

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Industrial Compressor Solutions was called in by the manufacturer to simply power on the compressor. That’s it. Quickly after arrival, we realized the depth of the situation. After a few short hours the compressor was not running hot enough, didn’t have enough load, and the air filter and oil separator already needed service. These sorts of conditions will lead to premature compressor failure, filter failure, and dryer failure. ICS had to make a product work, which was never the best solution in the first place.

In the end, the customer is extremely dissatisfied with the manufacturer. Even though the manufacturer offers great products, everything fell apart due to lousy sales advice from a sales-driven distributor. All of this could have been avoided through education and third-party advice.


How can you minimize your potential for being taken advantage of?

There’s some cool technology out there! But do you need it? Distributors and manufacturers act in their own best interests. If you need a compressor, we can sell you one. We have many manufacturers we work with along with a multitude of models to help you find the features, functionality, and price unique to your situation. We can find the right fit without being manufacturer-specific. If you’re already in the buying process, allow us to give you an educated second opinion with your best interests at heart.
-Joshua Wamser, Owner of Industrial Compressor Solutions

Industrial Compressor Solutions offers the benefit of due-diligence. There is great danger in basing your needs on CFM and PSI alone. We take a look at your “System Snapshot.” What is your typical workload? What are your future plans? Your expandability? Flexibility? What are you trying to accomplish? What challenges are you facing?

We ask these questions because we never want to hear our customers say “Why don’t things work the way you said they would?”

Have you had to ask yourself this question? Have you managed to avoid it? Sound off in the comments.