About ICS

About ICS

Founder and President Joshua Wamser created Industrial Compressor Solutions in 2011. Joshua set out to improve and transform the quality of service available to businesses from the compressed air industry. His vision has become the mission of Industrial Compressor Solutions: to be a Resource for Compressed Air. Our solutions help businesses to achieve the best possible production goals with the most knowledgeable technicians, greatest array of leading equipment on the market, and most helpful staff available 24/7. We don’t maintain this mission by jumping from job to job, servicing as many accounts as humanly possible. Rather, we maintain this mission by ensuring each and every company we serve is provided the best in Innovation and Customization, and treated with utmost Dedication and Integrity. Adhering to these values has turned us into leaders in the compressed air service industry.


Innovation is forged by using or showing new methods or ideas. Industrial Compressor Solutions continuously strives to provide solutions and products to our customers that may go against the grain of standard equipment sales. We believe in finding the best resolution, regardless of brand. We believe in equipping our customers with preventative and predictive maintenance programs. We believe in peace of mind. And we are so proud of our work that we back it up with a SUPERIOR extended warranty.


Your expectations are ours to exceed. Our accommodating and knowledgeable technicians are ready to serve your business and impress you with our attention to detail. Your complete satisfaction is so important to our company that we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day of the year.


Honesty is our best policy. We do not believe you should be expected to pay a dime for equipment malfunctions that are not your company’s fault. We are proud to say that we gladly cover all of your costs, whether or not we get reimbursed from the manufacturer. This includes freight, labor, and mileage. Every single time.


Compressed air theory alone is not good enough. Not only are we extremely knowledgeable about everything compressed air, but we make it our business to know everything about the unique ways each of our customers need it. By learning exactly how your company utilizes compressed air, we are able to offer you the most effective system possible. When we decide on a solution with your best interest at heart, we find that we are truly providing a custom service to be proud of.

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We understand that compressed air services are an exceptionally diverse matter and impact the most important aspects of your bottom line. This is why we provide the first-rate services that we do and adhere to the strict beliefs that define our company. We do not deviate from these promises. We train continuously in all aspects, and we strive to build a tradition of excellence.


We make our customers’ air systems our concern, so that production can be theirs.