24/7 Compressor Monitoring

24/7 Air System Monitoring

Fixing a broken compressor isn't as simple as replacing a single part.

Undetected compressor problems can cause serious complications, spreading to other components within the system and cascading throughout your entire facility. At best, this will result in a few hours of unscheduled downtime during a part replacement; at worst, you'll lose days' or even weeks' worth of production, profits, labor, and energy waiting for a fix.


Air compressor breakdowns affect a range of business areas, including:

  • UTILITIES — Clogged filters decrease efficiency and require more energy to do the same amount of work.
  • MAINTENANCE — The parts needed to deal with unexpected breakdowns might not be readily available.
  • POSTAGE AND FREIGHT — Expediting shipments to get back online as soon as possible quickly becomes a costly endeavor.
  • RENTALS — Securing last-minute rentals while waiting on parts comes at a steep price.
  • OPERATIONS — Equipment downtime ripples throughout your supply chain, impacting orders, customer relationships, and employee schedules.

It's nearly impossible to avoid system breakdowns with a traditional service agreement.

These agreements rely on reactive maintenance — detecting a problem and coming up with a solution once you've already begun feeling its harmful effects. Oftentimes, there's no indication of decreasing efficiency or the need for part replacement until it's too late.

Traditional service agreements do not monitor for common signs of failure, such as:


  1. Compressor is running properly
  2. Cooler starts getting dirty and/or oil starts to leak. NO ONE KNOWS!
  3. Compressors can no longer reject enough heat, and temperatures start to rise. NO ONE KNOWS!
  4. Oil and filter life is dropping. Oil carryover is increasing. Dryers are working harder. NO ONE KNOWS!
  5. Still no alarm on the compressor even though the filters, oil, and bearings are suffering. Dryer is not happy. NO ONE KNOWS!
  6. Still no alarm on the compressor. Life of the compressor is being compromised. NO ONE KNOWS!
  7. Compressor shuts down, production goes down, permanent damage to the compressor has been done, and until you pick up the phone and call, STILL NO ONE KNOWS!


  1. Compressor is running properly. Service Company is watching on dashboard.
  2. Cooler starts getting dirty and/or oil starts leak. Service Company is watching on dashboard.
  3. Compressor can no longer reject enough heat, and temperatures start to rise. Service Company is monitoring rise in temperature.
  4. Monitoring software sends text messages and emails to the Service Company of issue. Service Company contacts Customer.
  5. Minimal service requirements solve problem.
  6. Compressor is running properly again. Service Company is watching on dashboard.

Features & Benefits of Monitoring

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PERIODIC EMAIL checkbox.png checkbox.png
WEB INTERFACE checkbox.png checkbox.png
EXPORT SERVICE REQUIREMENTS checkbox.png checkbox.png
GENERATES EMAILS AND/OR TEXT ALERTS checkbox.png checkbox.png
LISTS EVENTS checkbox.png checkbox.png
REPORTING FUNCTIONS checkbox.png checkbox.png
CALCULATES SPECIFIC ENERGY checkbox.png checkbox.png
PROVIDES ENERGY GRAPHS checkbox.png checkbox.png
MULTIPLE MACHINES WITH ONE MODEM checkbox.png checkbox-2.png
MULTIPLE MANUFACTURERS EQUIPMENT checkbox.png checkbox-2.png
AMPMETERS checkbox.png checkbox-2.png
KW METER checkbox.png checkbox-2.png
EFFICIENCY SOLUTIONS/ SUGGESTIONS checkbox.png checkbox-2.png
CUSTOMIZABLE ALARM SETPOINTS checkbox.png checkbox-2.png
ADDITIONAL ANALOG AND DIGITAL INPUTS checkbox.png checkbox-2.png
FLOW METERS checkbox.png checkbox-2.png
VIBRATION ANALYSIS checkbox.png checkbox-2.png
PRESSURE DEW POINT checkbox.png checkbox-2.png
EXTERNAL PRESSURES checkbox.png checkbox-2.png
EXTERNAL TEMPERATURES checkbox.png checkbox-2.png
VALVE POSITIONS checkbox.png checkbox-2.png

Stay ahead of the curve with system monitoring.

At Industrial Compressor Solutions, we don't just use preventative maintenance to solve clients' facility problems; we perform predictive maintenance to detect failures and early warning signs of failures long before they can happen. Using our 24-hour analog and digital monitoring system, we can analyze maintenance, operational, and efficiency parameters in real time to send alerts based on preconfigured guidelines.

Available for implementation on all of our rotary compressors with service agreement, ICS Monitoring gives customers more control over their maintenance plans. Instead of changing the filter because a maintenance person told you to, you'll change it because you know for a fact it needs to be changed. Real-time tracking allows you to detect early warning signs of potential issues while identifying everyday opportunities to improve the way your compressed air system is running.

To learn more about maximizing system efficiency with a predictive maintenance plan in your facility, contact ICS today.