Preventative vs. Predictive Maintenance

by: ICS
It is never a good thing to experience a system failure, which can result in unexpected partial or full shutdown, expensive repair costs, loss of revenue, and other negative impacts on your business.

How to Change a Separator Filter

by: ICS

So often, I get told by customers that they want to learn how to change a separator themselves. We have received multiple requests on the website for a "How to" on it as well. We decided to create a couple of videos that show how to change a basket type separator element on a rotary screw air compressor. Please note ...

A Vision for Year 6?

by: ICS

Over the years, I have learned to rely on a network of people around me for support and mentoring.  So when I started hearing the phrase "Vision Statement" coming up in conversations, I decided that I should start asking around. What is a Vision Statement?  Other than salespeople in the lobby, will anyone read it? Do we need a Vision Statement? Fortunate for ...

FREE 24-7 Compressed Air System Monitoring!

by: ICS

Compressed air is critical to your plant's operation.  (Insert long boring article confirming that your Plant needs compressed air, that it costs an awful amount of money to lose compressed air, and that I know about compressed air.) Below is a one minute video about how Industrial Compressor Solutions has separated ourselves from all of our competition.  A service agreement ...

All Work and no Play?

by: ICS

We work hard.  In today's day and age, it is a must.  In the same breath that we discuss work, we should also discuss teamwork!  Today, we experienced a team building exercise like none that we have seen before! About a week ago, while sitting with the other parents at my daughter's dance class, I started up a conversation ...

A Look Ahead to 2015

by: ICS

Industrial Compressor Solutions is looking forward to another great year upon us. Each passing season guides our company through invaluable experiences, achievements, opportunities for growth, adaptation, and perseverance. 2014 gave us all of these and we eagerly anticipate what possibilities lie ahead in the New Year. So what might 2015 look like for ICS? We have some exciting things planned ...

Installation – Dual 200HP Sullivan-Palatek Compressors with 4″ Piping

by: ICS

Check out the video above by Industrial Compressor Solutions! This clip demonstrates a recent compressor installation for a customer in North Carolina. Attention to Detail Dual 200HP variable speed drive compressors were installed for this project. Two compressors provide 100% redundancy. 115mm piping was utilized and Victaulic fittings were used at all junctions. The benefit to utilizing Victaulic fittings is ...

‘Tis the Season: Winterizing Your Air Compressor

by: ICS

Image: Denton Harryman With temperatures beginning to take a dip, now is the time to prepare your air compressor for cooler working conditions. Why Winterize The geographic location of an air compressor places many environmental influences on the performance of the unit. Different seasonal actions must be taken depending upon the local climate. An increase or decrease in heat plays ...

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